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Our membership program is the absolute best way to get the services and treatments you need at the very lowest cost

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What's Included?

In our membership you will get live streaming webinars, Online courses, our weight loss seminars, a group of like minded individuals with similar goals to build you up, access to our private facebook group and HUGE discounts on Aesthetic services like botox, fillers and more. 

Weight Loss

Losing weight can be hard! Not to mention when doing it medically it can be very expensive. 

We have put together the best online series of weight loss seminars that are sure to give you the results you want. the best part is that these weight loss seminars are FREE with your membership!

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Aesthetic treatments like Botox, fillers, facials and more can get very expensive when done on a regular basis like you should. Our members are given special discounted rates on all of our normal Aesthetic services and treatments that no one else has access to! 

Just one more reason to become a Dr. A med Program member. Don's wait. the discounts you get on these services more than pay for your membership dues. 


- Jesse, Weight loss Patient

Need More Information?

Mediversity knows that sometimes you need a little more information to make a decision. We believe that this is the most cost effective membership program on the market with the best value to our members.

Click below to compare our packages and see all the benefits and values of becoming a member. When you are ready, just click the "become a member" button

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